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The Thinning Veil

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Be Mindful
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I have heard a few talk about the Veil that separates the spiritual and physical dimension / plane beginning to wax thin as we start the “new age”.  There are many other details about this that I have heard, and although it is usually the secular / dark religions that speak of this, I heard it spoke of by some well-established christians in this instance.  All they said, was that during Jesus’ time, this Veil might have become thin, allowing the disciples to do such marvelous works.. and that this same thing may be happening now.

I would not have given this much thought, other than the gaps between the righteous and the wicked opening up.  On that note, it is getting harder to be a fence-sitter.. decide what side you want to be on, and make every effort to stay on that side.  Anyway, I keep having odd dreams.. which normally doesn’t happen to me… at least, not any that I would think are worth sharing. Noteable dreams appear to be happening more frequently now, and I am still not sure of their origins, but I am anxious to have full communion with my Father.

In this instance, that I feel compelled to share- If I’d call this dream anything, it would be “Paper People” or “Paper Women”.

It was a fairly dark night sky, no noticeable stars out… only a full moon casting light upon the tree tops.  I heard a laugh, or a cackle in the sky, and looked up towards the moon to catch a view of 3 women flying towards me.  As they got within about 30 yards, they looked rather attractive, and acted as though they were having alot of fun.  You know, when someone gets closer to you, they appear larger than they were far away- our depth perception.  In this case, these women seemed to stay the same size- because they were shrinking as they got close.  By the time they got to me, they were reduced to paper cutouts that floated as falling leaves, into my open hand. I took notice to occultish symbols writ on them.. one of them had a girl’s name written on it.  I carried them with me throughout the rest of the dream, trying to understand them- and at the same time, my flesh was curious if I could make them “Real” people again.  I also noticed that when I participated in worldly and fleshly thoughts, that these paper cutouts would puff up, and transform into dolls- and begin to become flesh again, until I turned back to righteousness.

See, my wife was taken from me.. and I, just like any human has faults, and fleshly lusts.  So sometimes the prince of this world sends distractions to me.  He does this with alot of ministers- because most men are vulnerable in this area.  The thing is, that their power is reduced by the time they get to me… and let’s say, the connection fizzles out, before it’s even established.  My flesh desires fleeting promises of temporary indulgence (hence the paper), but my spirit knows God is protecting me.. My Father truly knows me, and knows my weaknesses better than I do.  I am thankful for such communications to let me know what he’s doing. However, I am really anxious for that pit stop, in which he finally delivers me from such compulsive, evil behavior. The day he prepares, strengthens, sanctifies, and restores me for the stumbling blocks ahead on The Last Mile.