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Hopeful Community

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Be Mindful
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Two-score and eight months ago, I had to work hard to bring friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances up to speed on the ominous direction this nation is headed in, and on the impending plans for a one world government, meticulously dropping facts and pieces of information that people could check for themselves, and at a customized rate they could handle. After getting out, meeting a few new faces, and finding that I could openly discuss these things with strangers as I would, with the awakened trail-blazers of a few years ago- I am hopeful, for not only my fellow christians, but for mankind in general. While there are still some zombified persons out there, the majority of people are now awakening on a political, economic, and spiritual level it seems. I pray that when things get super tough, that we can all reach out to one another, as a community- the way our forebearers have done in the past, and rout those who are responsible for the evil to befall us in the future… and by the eternal God, be sanctified as precious metal through that fire, to shine forth as he intended.