Strange Dream

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Be Mindful
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Never thought I’d be posting anything like this.  There is alot to be said about dreams.. but most of the time, for most people, they are influenced by demons and unclean spirits more often than by the finger of God.  So, I never thought there’d be one that I should say anything about.  …and if anything, this is mainly for my record, should it come up in the future.  When you dream, you’re on the astral plane/spirit realm- which is why things can change so quickly, and time may move at a different pace but still in the same direction.

Anywhoo, I cannot tell whether this happening was of God, or of evil.  I was in a place with European / Asian buildings.  I thought maybe it was Russia, Israel, Greece, or maybe even somewhere like Britain. Some place like that.  I met a young girl, who seemed afraid for her life.  She didn’t have any papers/passport and was afraid of getting found out.  She guarded a book, until she gave it to me.  I understood her well, and got the feeling that she was British or of Western European origin.. I could be wrong though.  The book she gave me was in some strange language, I thought it could be Greek, Aramaic, or even Russian.  It didn’t look Eastern, but it wasn’t the alphabet I’m used to either.  On the cover, I couldn’t read most of it, but I got that it said something about a gospel of Alleppo/Alleppa..  I took the book from the girl, and gave her a compact KJV, and we parted ways.

I woke up kinda sorrowful about all this for some reason.. kinda sad for the girl, and for having to part ways with her- I really felt like she was family.  …and then about a half-hour after getting out of bed, rather than forgetting about the dream, it came back to mind, and I looked some things up.  ..and so happened, that a few things looked familiar to me.


Alleppo Citadel

Alleppo Citadel

Alleppo Codex

Alleppo Codex

Alleppo Codex

From what I gather, maybe this girl was trying to preserve the Alleppo Codex, perhaps while all this war is tearing Syria apart.  Maybe I was supposed to pray for the book, or for the girl, whoever she is.  Perhaps she’s symbolic of the Bride of Christ.. maybe an actual person.  Maybe I was supposed to pray for the Gospel in general.. anyhow, prayer is needed, whether this dream be of God, or of the darkside.  Maybe the whole dream was demonic influence… but if it compels me to pray, then they have failed miserably at their goal and should be cast into the dungeon of the dragon for punishment, in Jesus Christ’s name, so be it.

  1. Powerful stuff there my friend! Wheewww…powerful! I pray that you find discernment in this area. GOD BLESS..Love, V

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