The True Gospel

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Be Mindful

Do you believe in God? The demons also believe, and they’re more pious than you are; They tremble! Jesus never said, Pray and ask me to come into your heart- He preached for people to Repent & Follow him.  Sure, “praying the prayer” is a great place to start, but it’s meaningless without repentance, and without Looking Unto Jesus to finish the work that he started in you.  The evidence that you believed and repented a long time ago, is that you believe and repent TODAY! When learning that your activities aren’t pleasing to God, REPENT! Otherwise, you’ve said within yourself- “Self, My ways are better than God’s ways.”

Throw out the idols for sure!  Discipline yourself against vanity; Guard your mind; and stop seeking attention and acknowledgment from other people!  I can’t count the number of times that we get ourselves into trouble, by trying to impress somebody else, instead of seeking the approval of GOD!  (His approval is the only one that matters in the end.. You’re just a steward of all your friends & family)

There will come a time, when everything and everyone we have will be taken forcefully from us.. and soon, I might add- Leaving us just one that we can count on- God, Almighty God!  ..and if ya think about it, ya can’t really depend on yourself can ya?  Let us depend on God the father, and the son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit  RIGHT NOW, like we should have from the beginning of this Pilgrim’s Progress- and then when these hard and trying events take place, we’ll be ready.

Repent and Follow Christ


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